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Though this probably isnt the only reason why its so nostalgic. The builder should have been tsm_themyth 1:21 just sounds so nice Idk why I like that bit so much Funniest H2ODelirious Best CDNThe3rd Most Relatable NerdOut Most Savage fortnite Most Creative Halocene Best Lines - AngelMelly Best Meme Dakotaz HomeOfXbox Gaming just aging, and then has crashed into the Earths surface, i think you have reason DylanEniola the biggest lie i ever heard MD DA BEAST cant beat delerious Actually if there was a rap battle between catoonz and h2o delirious that would be epic TheDjCrazy 1st delirious 2nd Dk 3rd CDN B1gVanVader delirious was alright cdn was way better 02 PEARS I dont personally like him.

fortnite has moved onto valorant still one of the best but it will never be the same Make turbo build delay in the game so people dont build a skyscraper I hope I never get into a game with you!. Brings the good old memories with the OG bro This brings back some memories and I still remeber the words from 3 years ago lol Back then in when fortnite was everywhere. If someone took out a team with this aim assist then they could of easily taken him out aswell with this aim assist that you talk about.

Back when bolts did barely any damage He did it for the Maccheese dude I find it funny how fortnite is as good at the game in that season as I am in chapter 2 season 3 You should do dou with cizzorz u guyz are both amazing The Struggles he can get 17 kills and higher easy meanwhile i can barely even get 2 or 3 Chapter 2 season 2 is here anybody that thought when the Travis Scott event will end we would go to the old map You can tell hes pro because hes solo squading at tilted wiping it out I cant get any more than 7 kill Im dead coach Drunken Homeless man at least he aint homeless : HOLY SHIT, nog ops, hes entertaining af to watch This isnt Click-Bait, poor sense of humor and his audience is still children Gray pumps used to do 220 headshot.

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