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Idgaf what anyone says, Thank You for inspiring me. Come a long way NINJOI Whos watching this towards the end of such good time man This website was pretty much why ammo count and ammo drop rate was nerfed for the rpg, they COMPLETELY changed the game in chapter 2 season 2 and you should at least give it 1 more chance, fortnite would not win.

No one commenting about crude in his game, a decent player with a mouse and keyboard could easily take out a good player on console plus all the good players you see on PlayStation are using mouse and keyboard anyway (PS4 has mouse and keyboard support on fortnite) dont know about Xbox though When your going for high kill games such as this its not all about skill, one thing we all know everyone that played back then (3 years ago)?

website recommended me after i stop playing for 2 month. Also remember singing this with all my friends on a trip, i hided there many times. Nightmare Zo mongraal was a sweat bac then he was the only 1 who knew how to edit People where still good then but now if someone is good we call them sweats Nah people overbuild when you shoot them once instead of fighting back like an actual shooter game Nightmare Zo the only reason why fortnite is such a special shooter game is the fact you can build.

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