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The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game. and loved the dakotaz part really much. Ok I just watched your most recent website, time is usian boltā my comment was from a year ago Anarchy acres was my favourite placeš Omnigod SSR to bad he died from ligma Omnigod SSR really it sounded really shit in my opinion Truuuuuu honestly better than the deagle Here before the triggered Minecraft players.

ANONIMNY LIK hahahhahahahhahahahaha is he gonna hack Fortnite;) Sorry but your comments 69 I gotta leave it I thought that 8yr old was alcoholic Statiic FoxX how you get nostalgic from 1 year ago Chowdz Xx cause you probably dont even know what it means Chowdz Xx I can tell youre a very sensitive person He probably knows what it means. For me its almost embarrassing playing the game.

SaintCrystal I think fortnite will win Also he will have infinite ammo and infinite materials with like 1k hp fortnite will be the next Thanos lel fortnite will be the next Thanos lel Mine is 15 Solo 10 Duo 13 Squad (11 of them were Solo squada cuz my partners died) Ive gotten 15 in squad by myself but solo is 9 and duo is 7 also I get 25-30 FPS running cuz pc is garbage sometimes smells like a freaking campfire AUG I just started and thats average kills I get in a game.

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