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today its 40 damage with the golden Pump Capituli 2 temporada 5 (a 3 dias de la 6) y me dio curiosidad de ver esto 7w7 God this was 3 years ago, and then a call them out on the correct one. Play another game! EDIT: IN AMERICA YOU HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. ­ edit: youre probably one of those toxic players ngl that also ruined the game. And now its a hot pile of garbage Kids and media ruined this good game along with try hsrds :( RIP Fortnite - It was fun until s6 Bro when i heard this game called fortnite and it was a year ago.

But I find it so funny that these kids think fortnite is a game like Pok├mon or so while it is only like 2 years ago Yeah.

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