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And when double pump was a thing. with pumps Sure if u like looting for a good half hour only to die in like 5 seconds by a camper using a strikepack warzone is trash but fortnite in is worse Apex is better than both those games combined Nah b. Doesnt hit the same. now im going into 10th fckin grade and wishing i remembered it all Lmao im not a liar. 1 star apartment Bro this song was a banger back then it still is Ultranium Sweaty players still existed but they just werent as good and were considered sweaty at the time because they were way above the average player skill.

G2 GRANOP5 your funny moment IS cool Veo este website y vaya que senti el nudo en el pecho de cuando fortnite era todo lo que importaba :(( Its sad to not see the old Fortnite anymore ננ I miss old fortnite(saudades dessa epoca) Thats my record as well lol, the worst fortnite player it was probably the most fun Ive ever had with a game!

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