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Been binge watching old fortnite Fortnite website and realized how much I miss it. So much fun. For u but people like the game are they aloud to have a opinion so yeah ShUt Up Il RePoRt U fOr StReAm SnIpInG IM 9 AnD a HaLf iT doNt afFecT mE lOl­ Whats wrong with 10 year olds its a kids game Theyre just not as mature as the older players I miss so much i started at season 6 Fam issa game it has to change lol but yeah thats true Oh and btw they arent 10 yr olds now theyre 11 Zachary Bastien SAMEEEEE I WANT THE OLD FORTINTE ­­­­­­ What i miss the most is when no one was tryharders They just added dusty and the factories what are you talking about Season x dusty everyones trash only kids its like the old one Sorry to say it but there was and has always been 10 year olds thinking theyre the next fortnite Christian Echols No.

I remember it was Halloween and I went to my friends house and he introduced me to fortnite. Great. Viciousness is silly, memories you wish you could relive just one more timeÔ Occasionally I go back to this website to remember the good ol times when not everyone was a literal building God and the game was still simple.

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