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were here to watch the good fortnite times! Pros back then are like bots now i miss those days I actually feel sad listening to this I miss the old Fortniteš 1: No 10 years old 2: No sweaty soccer skins flexing and doing 90s 3: Tac Smg 4: Good map 5: Fun and laughing 6: Good battle pass Edit: Im glad that im not the only one that miss the old Fortnite lol, u just activated my trapcard hahah It is actually very easy as compared to pubg.

Mikhail Tsarkov nice we could team one day i am slovene Enkelejda Hoxha its joseph in english I love you losif vissarionovich dzugatzvili I only have 8 kills regularly in solos cries Stalin kills 20 million Russians with ease but sweats after killing 4 people on Fortnite Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Never knew Stalin plays Fortnite Sad but true but i dont care i still play it Maybe youre just mad.

Thats your opinion and I respect that. Not everyday bro or babyyou said āI miss old skins. good times.

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