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Idk why this was recommended to me but Im glad it did because it brought back great memories The sounds from og fortnite builds and weapons bring back so many memories ngl Everything about this website just? The steps to emote in fortnite are simple. Remember when you could win with 15 kills in this game The old common shotgun removes the same as now the legendary ­ Man i remember the good old days of fortnite with double pump and everyone being bots! Some of the players left cuz they didnt wanna die such horrible deaths from 30 meters up high.

today its 40 damage with the golden Pump Capituli 2 temporada 5 (a 3 dias de la 6) y me dio curiosidad de ver esto 7w7 God this was 3 years ago, is how much darker it used to be compared to now.

Ez The tips and tricks website would be 10 seconds and all he would say is practice makes perfect Means that i liked it when fortnite cursed and didnt get mad when other people cursed Saim fahad this was when he wasnt family friendly.

Why cant Fortnite go back to the good old days He be like:5 kills in a solo squad match yeah thats nothing im going to eat something me in a 4 kill ordinary solo match: sweats af and almost has an infarct Crazy how easy those kids are compared to todays sweats­ i coulda became big too if i played then­ Nowadays: ÔCRACKED CRACKED CRACKED!!.

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