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TheAstep stop debating whos the best player. Like you said before the vid whether to keep going or nah. Bro Your the best gamer with a great sense of humor­­ H2ODelirious ahh hell na bwi, if epic brings back all the old weapons and the old soundsgraphics the game will become great again for sure. Their numbers may be large, and it will always remind us of the golden age of Fortnite Battle Royale Bro brings a tear to my man how much fortnite changed and how I used to be 10 when I would listen to this and actually rap it especially season 1 I remember when someone in sang this for my school talent contest I remembered watching this on my Xbox yt app when it dropped.

H2ODelirious HOLY SHIT YOU ARE A FUCKING MASTER AT RAPPING you literally just breath FIRE everywhere H2ODelirious I keep rewatching his part cuz omg its sounds so awesome- And that laugh AAA NerdOut.

Samira Akther thank you so much ­­ Juleslafolie no problem, its over 9000!!!, not as fun as og times but its different, keep up the good work man.

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