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Gamers playing this web based game associate from all over the world might be any age or orientation and can remain absolutely unknown. It is a quick moving, the designer of Fortnite, now not only I dont play fortnite I dont even play other games with my friends  screaming snitch K everywhere ANSWER THE QUESTION HOW OLD ARE YOU Why you keeping track of the time this came out just so you could tell that to anyone when you switch conversations I watched this so many times beacause I love how u just wipe the lobby like there bots Everything about og fortnite gives me great memories and feeling The sound of everything like drinking shields, its the best season in fortnite history.

Thank you for having me on again, i miss the og days of Pink haired fortnite throwing it back to some super duper funk pop music. So annoying!. Well, i would like to see him playing pn ps4.

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