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Im good at it. He got caught in bed with 2 dudes no joke, shit went down hill and Fortnite lost what made it special, watch my vids if u think im lying Abbs4 youre good,but fortnite is better and thats not even what the unknown asked Sweetmikey yeah but i play on ps4 alot of try hards even im a try hard sometimes Thats the perfect description of my fortnite life Abb4s Mohd A lot of the good players are on pc but yes you are right about the noob part in a sense The Unknown everybody plays good in PC, but fabvl could be replaced by cdn tbh xD Vibe Replayz its not just you!

season 7 came out on my bday!!. Well i mean everyone gets good at website games so if the map comes back it can be better than it is now because i havent played the game in a while Literally FN just make new skins for money they dont give a sht for us Dont forget competitive players, which reminds me why I quit the game Ôim in the hill tops,views real nice I like that part,but the best one is CDNthe3rd TrollBearZ 9 yeah u right i loved that laugh Yeah!

SiahTheMessiah well that hit pretty hard­­ 1000 subs with no vids I thought I was the only one Mathius Alejandro tu qu├ haces aqu├ esto est├ en ingles Bryan Johnson jajaja se ingles y no ha dicho gran cosa solo como soy el puto amo me cago en todo etc jajaja traducido mas o menos La camara no alcanza a enfocar las manos Waw porque tus website son pura skill. ;) I mostly came for H20 DELIRIOUS and good times when I hear h20 it reminds me of the golden 2014 - 15 years I dead serious cried on the fortnite part man, the sounds the guns the shotgun patch.

Btw i sound toxic with this comment, and also the players were just inexperienced.

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