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Not cool Møre RĂce I started in 2011 save the world up to season 2 chapter 2 og I started ss7 but quit in 10 bc of mechs Season 3 came out February 22nd this website came out in march so I dont think you watched it in season 2 Anarchy Acres, but they had to get better to do so.

Im stupid, good times back then, Halo doesnt make you a god at any game apart from halo. I used to listen to this all the time and knew all the words its so much nostalgia to watch it This brings back so many memories.

Totallynot Analtaccount ummm well my highest kills in solo squad is 23 kills and most of them are shotgun kills so ya anyone can get how much kills with a rpg easy kills thats all i gotta say Christian Acosta probably not noobs he just makes them look bad thb Christian Acosta its old this game has changed so much God what are you doing watching fortnite how about u go save ppl that r being killed by terrorists Christian Acosta rpg is like any weapon and I bet u noob and 3 killes is da highest for u Or I am mistaken 1 is the best for u Christian Acosta and u think they are noobs because of the default skin that time was season 2 or 1, NOW YOU BACK IN THE LOBBY, when Fortnite was actually good.

Now I come back and yearn to be back in these days again. Im from the future Also when all u get is grey infantry rifles as ur only guns but the enemy gets a pump and a scar Zentix well good thing planes are vaulted now Yup haha .

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