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Yo I cant believe you guys actually let delirious my favorite websiter into this rap battle thank you for this nerdout you guys are really talented someday I want to work for you :) Even when the game is dead no matter what this song will always be good Years later this still hypes me up only if the game was how it used to be This came out 3 years ago, 20 pro;s in a 100 person match is no fun.

Make yourself and your kid acquainted with the games settings and, so no offense but I still think its fun Every other battle royale game worth playing has had vehicles from the start, you clearly havent played many games Jayden Costello bro ur prob like 7 yrs old and the only game u play is Fortnite Its sad that our gavorite streamers wuit fortnite because of the changes Sea Kevin770 yea this time some different players like muselk Lachlan daequan myth and more GW- Fortnite More.

epic K Mit honestly who likes chapter 2 season 2 its complicated Aidan Fails homie season 3 was the best it had everything that we miss When they stop up dating the need to make a thing that allows you to play in any season with the things in that time It gives it a challenge and when you play from season 2 like me your pretty good Its got skill based matchmaking now, dawg.

You are tottaly right (sorry for My inglish) For the last fucking goddamn time creative mode wasnt made for you to practice building it was made for you to use prefabs to build cool maps with your friends and it gave you every item in the game to work with.

Hes made 70,000 in one day for his charity stream. Im in watching this for nostalgia,times were good these days. Dakotaz 8.

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