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Dakotaz 6. I love fortnite raps, we got so many wins and had so much fun. GOD My favorite line was fortnite line Uninstall the game, thats it :) He has Naruto is his name. good times Remember when fortnite was good and fun with chill graphics. Ssnbeastgamingpro yeah cdnt wrote the whole thing Fabvl has the best voice cause hes auto tuned af Yeah he is a music channel, and not cringe When you realise you just heard Delirious real voice for the first time Yeah I wish we had the old version fortnite Yeah they were pretty dam good but i felt like they were a bit lacking in terms of stuff and i did miss moisty and the silenced smg i still liked paradise and race track better, where Fortnite was an enjoyable experience for everyone, so he is addicted to his job.

Lmao it was sweat around those season but it just they werent that good. Back when fortnite didnt like like a sick vampirick ghost from lack of sunlight REAL REASON HE WON : the guy dropped his macaroni Also, youd freak to find any other skin You didnt have to memorize a paper on how many guns there were The game was simply just fun, maybe.

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