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Pubg is more competitive imo. Wish I could go back in time 2 years for this Feels like when i first watched this the game had a completely different feeling. And then rap came out! Its been 3 years and I know the lyrics thats crazy I remember vibbing to this all the time in chapter 1 Good fortnight days man I really remember it like this is yesterday Imagine watching this years later and realize you were eliminated by CDNThe3rd in dusty depot I miss it because it used to be a fun game I had used as an escape from reality.

HUSSEIN saleh not true epic only give advantages to bad bad players people who complain about tryhards are bots HUSSEIN saleh no. Still great H20deleriouses verse was the best no debate Bro j remember singing this in school with my friends Who is here in watching this like Oh the old times God I miss the good old Fortnite days.

Dakotaz 2.

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