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Same for switching weapons. this is why I choose squad­­ Good old days when fortnite didnt have a massive ego. lol The Peculiar __ I can assure you no one on console has ever eliminated 40 players, bring og fortnite back­ Omg tru Ive played since season 3 (chapter 1) Thing is fortnite already dead like i the biggest sweat stopped playing Still sweats are leaving no one likes fortnite even sweats hate it What u mean comeback us OGs where always here destroying the sweats like me and my M8 keep on getting dubs against sweats I mean the people who quit or rarely play Thats gonna take a while but i have apex and cod until then, then I watch OG fortnite and start to cry cause I realize the game will never be the same­ Seeing how fortnite didnt pick up gold and purple weapons Man this came up on my feed, miss this.

But theres a big difference between a good player and a sweat for example ceeday is a really good player but he doesnt sweat the game unless he has to Im gonna agree with you there because i used to love watching ceeday but he never uploads because he cant get content anymore from fortnite because of the sweats.

However, but my paren say i shouldnt :(.

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