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Dont take things for granite boys and girls. Do whatever you want idc. STUPID EPIC TOOK EM AWAY And now a shotgun that charges up and deals like 289 damage to the head SS - 04VN - Fernforest PS (1414) whats your name XD I bet ur wishin for those 70 damage pumps back now that the tac does 9 damage average XD So true I miss old fortnite if it was the same I wouldnt have quit They always did that much damage for me Grim what about maruturs and sharks in c2s3 The burst are better now, challenges and ovsrtime Season 4 was one of fortnites best seasons OGSI ISMAIL fully agree except season 7 i didnt like it too much Season 7 give me battle pass so You should respect it.

The progression of the overall player base increased by 10x! Intellectual CheatCodes shitt you right.

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