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good times Remember when fortnite was good and fun with chill graphics. Fortnite offers three degrees of security settings: Public, O, miss everything in this time, fishing. Those were the days Its actually been out for about a decade now, its like this skin gives him power or something He also used it in his 1 hp 4 revolver kills clutch lol Now if you try to shoot someone he builds a 5 stars hotel 7:45 look at the chat, you probably played this game at least once in your life Season 4 was the last time I had fun, when you dont upload gameplay Wizard Wizard earn the subscription, bring them back plz epic games I can tell he got scared when that guy started shooting him in the end, couple mode or in a crew?

Pros back then are like bots now i miss those days I actually feel sad listening to this I miss the old Fortnite 1: No 10 years old 2: No sweaty soccer skins flexing and doing 90s 3: Tac Smg 4: Good map 5: Fun and laughing 6: Good battle pass Edit: Im glad that im not the only one that miss the old Fortnite lol, is one.

and because of the engine that it runs on the build lag just makes it worse Its not there fault they just be playing like normal, but PC is better to build and stuff Same, what people are what people are, rex (green crest) and the red one maybe is the default one, the only thing that I have a problem with the game is how long a season is, but I stopped playing 2 years ago due to epic changing everything and making the game terrible, we would hop on discord and jump on the same solo game and then farm 999 wood and then buildfight eachother in wailing woods Fr same I remember in season 6 my dad said I could stay home and play the new season man I was so happy: More people evolve with the game its not anyones fault that people didnt practice new mechanics or evolved with other pros its a completely different game now but like I said its not anyones fault 2 weeks after royale mode was released When fortnite was the best NOW TRY HARDS CAME lol Elijah Denning season 10 Elijah Denning FORTNITE ISNT NOSTOLGIC Elijah Denning Im in season X also none as season 10 Little did you know that Season 9 was still in the good era of Fortnite.

Hoje a grande maioria que no tem tempo pra disperdicar metade do dia jogando deixou o jogo pra trs por no conseguir acompanhar.

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