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PHANTOM. I remember when this first came out me and the boys at school would sing this everyday Good times!

He has a GF Confused Nigerian Geezer Funny thing is that hes married. I wish I was good at fortnite ­ NerdOut. ÔÔ The Delirious Army is the strongest army in the world and the Teddy Bear army­­ H2ODelirious hi h20 even though you wont reply I think you did the best H2ODelirious is soo ­­­­­ Grabs heavy shotgun shoots all bushes Where the hell is he BlazeGaming 3 hes in a tree­­­ H2ODelirious it was you who killed me :( H2ODelirious im surprised u havent killed my yet deliouls H2ODelirious your awesome delirious but Ill see you H2ODelirious hold up everybody be quiet H2ODelirious omg love you keep up the bush attacks You make me laugh everyday Im watching your website right now Now ima be paranoid when i play fortnite Softy website he plays alot on his channel H2ODelirious you need to post this on your channel Go H2Odelirious also i subscribed plus you da bossss­­­­ Im nvr walking by the park again because of Delirious DELIRIOUS be sure you dont kill me scaring meh is ok but pls I want to live and pls be in Batcoon costume while in the bushes You sound way different in your website Have none of yous never heard of autotune You were the one who didnt call us plebs.

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