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When people freaked out when a Skull or Ghoul Trooper was in their lobby. Why would you still talk about this game it was good 4- 7 Gloatey Thats CrAzY BrO BuT I NeVeR ReMeMbEr AsKiNg Now its too sweaty people play games to reduce stress this game gives more stress Lets drop moisty and get a lot of wood I Hit Clipz dude just stop geez like CHILL!!!!š šš Ill miss old fort it will never be the same Came back on After a couple of years and I still know the song Here after 2 years and I still know the lyrics This game was so good 3 years ago.

V-Godly im not the creator of that saying and the original comment was copied and wrong. But recently it got amazing Why epic noodle more like epic doodle I hate they replaced every good place like paradise,tilted,lazy,fatal,and dusty and literally every other named place I loved the original map Can you tell me one person who asked Eagloman yeah man I started basically season 0 I have all theses good skins like the OG goul trooper then they made it come back Eagloman yes I used to be trash but the game was good now Im good but the game is trash and I play rainbow six siege now Eagloman the game was never good we where just dumber Epic Noodle wtf is wrong with you people enjoy the game why cant u respect that were all diff Just imagine its November you learn about this new game called āFortniteā and decide to try it out since its free and no one will be harmed, its not close JackTheGreat!

Would it be a good idea for you add them as a companion you can private talk with them. I didnt win at the end of the night now did I š All of you are missing the main point.

He doesnt sound super different he sounds better Its just that most of his subscribers prefer his lower quality one!

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