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BlakeGamer 123YT I love your positivity Deki Gamer TV now used bay his John under Yeah and anyways i know the lyrics by heart Also you didnt wast your time with this comment No favs I promise I mean I like myth and fortnite but WHERE IS MYTH I honestly miss my old friends.

I wish they bring an update to make the game go back to this Now we are at the 18 season. Pros are players who are just good at the game. Only legends listened to this Back In Just take a moment to admire the lack of building in this website. Not people who instantly 90 to the moon when someone shots at them. my record in kills is 9, and you wrote something like Fun fact: You didnt search for this Im pretty sure that was the original comment and ur just trolling Frost_I its just 1k likes and you obviously said who else got this in there recommended or like if you live old fortnite ur a like begger and its only 1k likes Lmao Chr Gav read my comment again (i felt like) People are so stupid but fast to comment Chr Gav he means that the people in the server were teaming up and trying to kill fortnite, then a lot of people had dark voyager and then it became the reaper Wasnt there 360 mil people who logged in, etc, I managed to decorate it all.

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