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Nothing is ever wasted in this world. Sad to see those days gone :( I wish we could all go back to this time and all have the skill level of an average season 3 player This website takes me back to the good old days Saudades de quando ngm era bom ficava mt feliz s por fazer uma simples kill These were the old times I miss, i know a few ways we could all change fortnite but wed need help everyone do whatever u can to get fortnite to listen to us.

But remember, fortnite es tremendo jugador y nos rompe el culo a la mayoria de los que comentamos. Oh boy Yea men same thing have lost also good friends but luckyly i still have many I am just gonna say this?

december 14. I have a few wins on Xbox (console) with around 12 kills where as on pc my highest is 9 That German guy wouldnt even get close on pc where the average player is better I play on both and ps4 is in no way harder.

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