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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I instantly noticed it was you when I heard your voice I was listening on Spotify too H2ODelirious hi delirious Im big fan of yours. Literally all kids in the comments are like they are og No imma be honest it was in season6 even though i started season4 That would be sick with all the guns back too They should make all the seasons seperate games instead of updating the damn thing all the time Edit: If that happens people will grow tired and then Fortnite will be forgotten How am i a fkn weirdo if me name is yusuf Not everyone is from us so that that they will hav james in there name No because that would mess up competitive so much because all the pros would have to re-learn all the mechanics and no-one would be good and it wouldnt be fun to watch because its just the old game and we have already played the older seasons so why would we want them again Why r u hating on people that try, their a sweat.

I think ceez was the best Ayyyyeeee my boy CDNTHE3RD killllled it lets goooo boy fortnite can talk shit bc he is the best Listen at 1. נננ Here in I miss this ngl the game isnt the same anymore I miss the old fortnite he was chill This is da best of all and I think this deserves 100 million veiws These thumbnails brought us happiness Pumps do less damage up close now then they did medium range then A.

how is it even gonna run on android. 5 views, 200k per month is a generous estimation, but I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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