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Spend your money on rainbow six seige or gta 5 instead of vbucks. I had the most fun in season 2 but realistically the most fun season was 3 Sergio Delano not true, and his fingers are slipping of his wet keyboard keys. dbh. Dakotaz i would want to friend request you and snipe battle my friends never snipe me and i quick scope alot and no scope alot as well Yeah and the old music that played when you won the game.

DOPE Halocene Ur part was cringy af, you just find it and move on with your day instead of getting so excited over a scar lol Lol I still get so hyped about having a scar. Ahh the memories, i listened to it when I had to go to the doctor for my hip. Derek imrecordingbequite fortnite this aint no fucking school Jay B I paralyzed a no skin player once with it If you cant get a clear shot, its 3 years old  Starraider bro i meant Like those fn kids who started playin like these days Im 8 I started playing when I was five I watched this a day after it was released so yea your probably like 8 too i dont Evan know if you started in season 6 chapter 2 you just saw that its old Wait WHAT.

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