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I remember this song bro I used to be addicted to Fortnite good times Last time I enjoyed this game was in season 5 I remember laughing and having fun with friends and randoms the the game started to drop Im back now its chapter 3 season 1 the games not what it used to be yh sure its gotten abit more fun but no game will ever beat fortnite season 1-5 1:21 im sure weve all heard this at least once in our life Ah the good days were fortnite was actually fun I remember when I saw there names I got hyped Who else is like watching this in and remember the good OG times I remember when i watched it 3 years ago I remember when my pc cannot run fortnite, I was like what is this but I miss season 2 and 3 I like season 3 because you didnt get killed by season 1 sweaty try hards that have no life Steven P.

SOY FAN DE LOLITO ME ENCANTA COMO JUEGA PERO HAY QJE RECONOCER QUE fortnite ES MEJOR Me gusta mucho lolito pero encuentro que fortnite es mejor Estara padre q jueguen juntos lolito y fortnite Purple and gold tacs didnt come out till season 8 - 9 LostPlayz RBLX There is a purple tac in season 1 2 and 3 H ø M م م م م ب م ItsCorren 8 damage with a good combat just doesnt happen though If u say blue pump does 8 damage it would be true but if ur gold combat hits just 8 sorry but ur acctually bad dude Fckin fortnite and epic, 1egg had a hard time juggling the demands of the game, you can choose play to begin the game, the best thing in the world is to have a friend group that keep on switching to new and different games, good times?

nerdout 7. so many memories I will remember for ever I REALLY LIKED YOUR SONG, Ali-A and whoever else there is TheNightRaven.

- fortnite was so great.

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