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didnt realise how good old fort was better than now Me struggling to get 3 kills at all: Ninga casually getting 32 kills in solo squads: Dammmnnn watching a grey pump doing 220 headshots is nostalgic and satisfying af Ah the good times when there werent so many tryhards I came back just to get that sense of nostalgia from the old fortnite days I miss the good old days in fn i watch in germany every night the stream :( I remember when I skipped school just to play season 3 and season 6 man those were some great times: I miss the old sounds of the big pot bandages and med kits­­ 2:35 grey pump did 220 damage.

I miss this. Nothing couldve gotten better, and making a username? its H20 Delirious. This can assist with weaning themselves out leisurely of their virtual world and back into the real world, and live a double life. H2ODelirious you were soooo awesome ­ H2ODelirious TEACH ME THE WAYS OF A PRO DeliriousArmy H20 show us your face PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ And the army is called xXDelirious armyXx plz join!!!!!

and it doesnt make the game fun anymore.

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