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It is crazy how the visuals changed between chapter 1 and 2 Man i miss watching This website cant we just go back Well he went from best halo to best h1z1 and then best pub and now best fortnite sorry if I missed any others in there Spencer FFA he wasnt The Best halo player, Freer than a dollar tree headset.

Now everyone is a builder lol Those frags look so easy when the game was populated with underskilled players. KosarPlayz lol not at all hes good but fortnite is just better NewYorksVeryOwn Everyone gots a opinion you cant correct him with yours lol.

yeesh It sucks that this had to happen because toxic kids didnt like angry birds anymore but on the bright side, I have no feeling of nostalgia anymore, the game is literally just dying :c Old fornite its just when people werent good Hextorm2 exactly thats why it was fun No, and this was in April, way before driving carts update) and the carts werent pushable at that time SOOOO what is so amazing about it huh Ye but didnt shopping carts appeard on march or im wrong Warlock Wizard mais le record mondial cest 32kill Whos here in when fortnite is on Meth.

And fortnite being a kid dominated game it has such kids.

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