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For me they were the best when I was a lot younger and this game gave me so much satisfaction playing with my friends every time when I came back from school. Getting home from school and playing fortnite with my mate. The toxic ones are the ones that dont go outside ofc? Once again good grammar Dalty G your subscribed to morgz you really are 8. Fall damage wasnt nearly as deadly back then, lazy lake is a good location.

Good times man, after 4 years and still remember this song With the new season of Fortnite dropping its nice seeing some of these guys come back explicitly referencing this song Life was so simple when this banger got released H20Delirious was my favorite part Who comes back after 2 years still remembering all the lyrics I never realized how good these bars when this song came out Its and I miss the good old days when this game and life was just good Man i remember this was in hype i was on the playstation party whike playing fortnite i was listening to this on Spotify.

55 ;) AzerKo mec il a peut etre utiliser le lance rocket mais tu dois quand mme dire gg pour les 32 kill et essaye de faire 32 kill pour voir Je dit sa pour les gens qui ont critiquer Gota dans ces com Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking died LMAO that joke is overused but still makes me laugh every time.

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