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Double pumps dont matter baby i got this PUT SPEED AT 1? When everyone is a noob on fortnite ;( You know Fortnite became shit once the stereotype website started rolling in. i started around December - january of and i was 10 its so sad how aging goes man, the Son of God: 1. Everybody be quiet Dont want the enemy seeing me When Im hiding Ducked in the bushes Never see me spying Silencer on the pistol You on the ground crying Im flying off the launch pad Landing in the trees Sniped from above Peeking through the leaves Playin hide and seek Yeah Im deadly with the squeeze Listen You can look around But youll never find me H20 Delirious Verse was the best This came out a year ago, etc.

It was because we didnt know how to play that good and didnt have many wins so getting a victory royale used to feel nice but now most of the people got wins so it dosnt feel the same its not fortnites fault.

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