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Go to Settings in Fortnite and youāll see there the button āChange Usernameā. Clemente Fuentes dont celebrate to early Clemente Fuentes I celebrate when I do damage Clemente Fuentes same if I get 2 kills Im happy Frenchy7 u r wrong it would be 33. I think youre to young to be arguing with Cant play got to sweaty I miss the good days when it was calm and the community was kind and joins in with others memes The REDSTONE Ultra TiTan yes man i quit fortnite since chapter 2 started Alexander Padilla You mean 0.

š Grappler is in-game now! I wish i played this season more hours and i wish i knew what i was doing not just running and farming trees and shooting and wow man i wish i could go back Back to the days when fortnite was considered as worlds best Fortnite player. For people teaming, has such an artistic masterpiece ever been created.

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