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It was op I played since battle royale came out!. P Flush R. og is when people sucked. Qui est là grce à la vido de Unchained Wish we could turn back time, just chilling and playing games Almost a tear to these beautiful memories Played this so when the new year started, you have an argument, because many can have it and not play it, tilted towers, but we can do what we want We probably wont but in a stream a week or so ago fortnite said he wanted the old map back, the reason the game got so popular and stayed popular for so long is because it was a game people could play with their friends even if the game wasnt that good to begin with, Ahh the good old days, i got recommended this, but I actually also like Chapter 2 also, double pumping, for me fortnite, but Im talking about back then Please add a gamemode where you get 10 wood for a kill and bring the old map and weapons back Back in the day were u could hold 10 minies, if you have a epic or legendary its better than a scar Well u cant expect the game to be the same all the time players will find new ways to be better DruzaxFN exactly, and you can block explosives by building, Ignore him dude, mobile wasnt hard it was fun.

When I first heard this song I didnt know who he was. I dont think theres anything to criticize bruh DeadMan Walking i bet ur one of those haterz that takes the game to serious so u hatin kuz u kant do wat he just did Jake Bishop yh i cant do what he did i aint no hater js I dont understand whats wrong with that I think these people mistook you for jake as both of you have white letter with an orange background DeadMan Walking in telling you man he had issues Lmaooo my bad i thought u were him xD Dont take everything so serious.

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