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Btw This was amazing. There are various well known virtual entertainment forces to be reckoned with or YouTube characters who likewise play the game and give instructional exercises on the most proficient method to accomplish a higher score. That laugh thoooooooo XD My mans said you smelling mad musty­ It says it in the website waste of time YEET GOD deliriouss laugh is everything ­ I liked CDNThe3rd and Halocene and fortnite.

No one likes the state of the game yet they wont bro g us back to what we enjoyed b Yo hablo espa├ol y no entiendo nada de lo que dise├├ el fortnite pero lolitofedz es mejor y habla espa├ol xdxd Julio Marinho lo mejor es que ninguno se va a ofender porque no tienen ni puta idea de Espa├ol Atlai Corado like si crees que es el xQc de Fortnite xD Screech- 99 xQc es mi diosito y yo le rezo cada noche :v Lolito no es mejor que fortnite soy espa├ol tambi├n pero mira este tipo 32 bajas lolito no se hace 32 Julio Marinho Lolito no tiene ni la mitad de skill de fortnite Atlai Corado tambien soy del barca visca Cocacolo 06 adi├s los periquitos adi├s se fueron ya­­­­­­­­­­ Atlai Corado To Soy Espa├ol i lo veo SergioGaming739 pero no tiene un perro :v Sergio E yo si y sin embargo soy un gringo Julio Marinho fortnite es mejor no hay dudas Check my website ans tell me what i can do for getting better and more quality Lolito lo destroza a este, and well.

0 Mowses Falcon fortnite and pubg are not copys sure they used the battle Royale concept but after the jumping out of a plane and landing the similarities stop plus h1z1 was not the first battle Royale by far Manuel Hernandez WHAT MORE LIKE FORTNITE IS A COPY Manuel Hernandez How could PUBG be a copy if it came out months before Fortnite battle Royale Theexpendable 859 when mom wont buy you games so you talk trash on the people who have it Theexpendable 859 your totally right Pinnapple x Chief It still has an active fanbase First Time what do u play then also u dont play games online really so I mean u dont play fort nite or anything else and u only play fitness games but u know fortnite is more popular than most than sports games Pink Ant you also forgot Nerdout lol Pink Ant SO DAMN TRUE but change fortnite and dakotz Pink Ant lol i only knew fortnite and h20 Pink Ant love you pink ant u a bosss Pink Ant no Dakotaz is first fortnite second and cdn is third Pink Ant but my top three are.

Of course I was using hacks, so happy. To this day i dont understand why they would change a game so much to the point that basically all of their fan base has gone.

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