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This game will never be the same ğ I remember making fun DKs part of the song. I was dumbfounded that I didnt die lol! -_- Bro i play everyday on console 1 hours non stop everyday since season 3 came out and i can barely land a shot gun shots but building im a god Teknique v1.

As soon as you have landed, H2O Delirious is still hidingin those mines I loved season 7 so much. Didnt ask for your life story Huwuba well youre saying that Im not German so Ive got to give at least some background for you to believe me. :D To many try-hards and it just awful with the updates Fortnite WAS a good game but it went downhill when people started taking it too serious but thats my OPINION  Kevin the Teletubbie You are a wise man, Yes it is truecause now the games just shit ğ to go back to those years lol I wish fortnite was as fun as it was Sad how none of these guys in this song ndont play fornite anymore :( I cant be the only one who thinks Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless Everyone probably could win these people nowadays in 1v4 Top ten rappers Eminem is afraid to diss Number 1: fortnite Merry Christmas to every legend that loves OG Fortnite Who ready for the titled coming back This gave me stage 4 skin cancer, we all were waiting for fortnite This song still good even if it came out long ago I miss the old days i wish we could go back Cant believe its been 3 years time goes to fast The sweats these days have never even heard this masterpiece I remember when the game was more chill, youre just longing for the past because you were happier back then, 'proper to your youngster, instead it became the biggest fucking sweat fest with literally no time to do anything remotely fun.

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