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Hey fortnite. That was stupid when they nerfed them Yea I remember when shotguns were snipers! YOUR PICTURE IS XXXTENTACION I KISS HIM Fortnite Clips i watch ur vids all day when i stop playing fortnite 2:26 Fortnite logic. I still play about once a month just to check the game out but I can never play for over an hour because its just not fun trying to keep up with these toxic 9 year olds!

Its a matter of fact. The serenity of builds, I think u mean half a decade Facts like we only feel emotion when we get 20 bombs Cowel Benja: well yeah nowadays because everybody is a bot I drop 13 kills usually without try Harding its actually sad YOU STOLE A COMMENT, then when those games died he moved on, fortnite is good even without the battle pass:) Yes, just less so earlier on Another reason for that downhill thingy is that epic is having a lack of communication with the players, those times seem so long ago now ahhhh the good times.

Its not that exciting. Because he was missing all the shots The game died when epic added playgrounds and creative No the game died when the community became toxic The community became toxic when epic added creative How do you know it wasnt toxic before that Because im a season 1 vet and really no one was toxic, nowadays when he streams the game it feels more forced and depressing.

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