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If not a job most likely jail time. Idgaf what anyone says, miss this fortnite soo much Bro I remmber all the lyrics and I had goosebumps the whole time this was best life man When this came out!

Good ol times staying up all night with the boys and you see the sun start to peak from your curtains Yk you did it I MISS THIS THE VIBES AND THE ART OF THE GAME WERE SOO GOODD Bro best times of our lifes no cap it was the best game in these times Times when fortnite enjoyed what he was doing It makes me so sad to watch this Poor fortnite never gets back to this hype he had and for us its sad because we never could bring this time back to life There should be a game mode that was exactly the same as og fortnite, this isnt new, Good days :) Ngl almost cried watching it again damn, bring them back plz epic games I can tell he got scared when that guy started shooting him in the end, Dakotas, no bs, the best thing in the world is to have a friend group that keep on switching to new and different games, but occasionally platforms unintentionally expose them early and promotional pictures sometimes also hit the web.

in grade 8 when this came out and now Ive finished school wow Anyone notice at 3:47 the knocked marker pops up before the rocket hits and makes the animation of exploding, killed the guy attacking the other guy then killed the dude with low hp with my burst.

Its frightening to see that every person that commented 2 years ago is now 2 years older.

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