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If it has that many players, the skins arent cool, but most of the time Im a memer ha you say 000000000000000000, idk why people hate on him for no reason Kinda weird to see what we consider bots right now were considered decent players back then (bad players not actual robots) Back in the good fortnite days hoping on with the boys after a long day at school almost everyone was near same skill level and you would build a skybasebase at the end of games and you would try no scoping the last trash player or default dancing with another guy in solos and you were actually enjoying the game now there are crazy sweats who edit their balls off and spam build when getting shot at like this game is life or death and henchman with aimbot on Grey pump does 220 damage while in season 11 gold pump does 50 The times I only camped in a bush for the whole game, loved this game.

Because epic fucked the game up. that doesnt make sense lmao No I Did This My Self Thanks You Very MUCH Lol You Would Be Surprised How Much Time I Have Instead of writing who is watching in Dezember is everyone writing who is watching in Season 7 ­­ů Remember the good old fortnite ­ like to pay respects ­­ Kids in 1st grade than : ÔMinecraft is the best game on earthÔ Kids in 1st grade now : ÔTry and 1v1 me kid, what are you talking about lol Team├rjan s├ k├r vi well yes but fortnite has changed over the past almost 2 years a lot You dont understand the concept of nostalgia do you Team├rjan s├ k├r vi nostalgia definition- a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Four long years since this masterpiece dropped. This brings back so many memories ­­ 16:49 he tried to dodge the shot­ Congratulations fortnite THE BEST PLAYER OF FORTNITE ­ Hope I never see fortnite in the same game with me. Like dusty depot yeah it would It would be the same game but people would still know how to build and sweat The sad thing is it was actually better than fortnite now, but also makes me laugh cuz I cant believe we were singing this for our school talent show LMAO Greasy Grove,Tilted Towers,Lucky Landing.

Go back to season one and we see the metor slowly forming.

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