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Another one of my favourite you tubers strike again. P wailing R. Like I get why but I wasnt expecting it to be this bad I need dollars dollars dollars what I need ehh ehh Bro didnt edit a single piece. KAPKAN RUSSIAN MAIN for sure the old fortnite was better The Legend Himself me original of most thinks are the better Thats nice I like him because I play same style like him :D I think is funny how he cant sing worth a crap in his website, those times seem so long ago now ahhhh the good times, your welcome.

Over half the player base would leave and instead you would get maybe 3 million people from ch 1 and they would leave after a few weeksmonths. But I can listen to a song once or twice and know it and considering the amount of times I listened to this Im not super surprised Omg when i saw on the upload date i almost had a heart attack I havent seen it in 3yrs and I was so happy when I heard it because me and my friend used to listen to it Same Lmfao I know all the words but I hardly get any nostalgia anymore.

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