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But the point still stands. ­ Never heard Delirious voice with such good quality lmao Deliriouss verse was the most relatable Dont want the enemy seeing me when Im hiding.

sooner you accept it the better Geeting a dub with them in the morning while your family asleep hit different Casually enjoying the older content 3 Algum brasileiro aqui em que lembra dessa ├poca!. Lets remove dusty from the list cuz i made it in creative I didnt want to comment but I realized you had 68 comments and I had to be 69. It was fun while it lasted. fortnite was so ahead of his time ­ This keeps coming up on my recommendations.

So wack and I miss it so much BananaArms08 for a gold pump mac dmg is 220 MikeYT Fortnite Im talking about normal pump it got nerfed BananaArms08 dude yeah like 4 months ago Not really epic made pump do 100 dmg for like 2 days idk if it was a mistake then it was made backin 95 dmg It happends in season 8 i think purple and gold pump is garbage i like tac Also blue pump max dmg is 200 green is 95 SH4N3 no the max was 240 for green pump Isaiahstochl117 legit u can kill a blue pump player with just a green tac I miss old fortnite.

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