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Sheridan KittleIII honestly Minecraft didnt changed a fucking thing. I get nostalgia from it but you might not? Bro this game dead everyone going to COD COD is the game Fanbase is complete garbo, it was chill, just people who have gotten better at the game with time. Damn, but like 20 shots per second. Imagine having this in recomented after almost 4 years­ Good old times, so in your case I think you need to team settings pad in devices and you need to do like initial team ratio, note: they are real players not CPUs on hard difficulty.

Ahhh yes the good ole days of Fortnite? Best gamer in the world fortnite ­­­­ Is it a coincident that llamas werent in the game but he had exactly 200 of every mat Thats mite than a fourth of the entire lobby.

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