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Hands down the best Fortnite player who also raps. Yeah if you notice near dusty there is trucks theyre probably building dusty and the old factories Well damn,I noticed those trucks but would never come with such a theory In every update they keep changing their places near dusty Theyre dropping hints because everyone wants the old factories to be back Its more like Grassy Divot now.

Your a fortnite champion and getting a 32 kill game is like being a fortnite god Once in a while, I wish I started back then Watching this in June and realising how fun it used to be This reminds me the song memories bring back memories bring back you.

Got inspired to play the game and I altf4ed after 15 minutes I was actually one of the people he killed and remember saying this guy is good. In 2 months it will be 4 years old ;-; Anyone listening to this in Chapter 3 In fourth grade when Fortnite was popular, this song was released in season 3, maybe think before you say something CountryHeart 11 how do u forget that, theres no proof that I have a miserable life,in fact I have a good life JR__ PRO GAMER Cr PRO PLAYER Season 6 is lokiey Kjartan ├orri no I wasnt wandering I already knew it it was, i just start to play this game again at season 7 inmy free time, people have evolved, now wed all pay money to go back to when it came out I dont think Im the only one that comes back for some nostalgia This used to be the peak of all music Imagine Being In looking back at the old days ­ Its so crazy that this is 2 years old now, especially if you had no mats Sletcher 436 he was so much better back then CAUSE KIDS WATCH HIS VIDS AND THEY WILL SWEAR AND RAGE Not like it will protect them from a life of swearing and cussing when they are adults its only a matter of time, look up his name on website Stally It literally says all of their names on the bottom when theyre rappingsinging, if it was the sweats or it just kinda tailed off, best in the world in my eyes Travis M, mais gros y a rien a dire fortnite cest LE meilleur joueur mondial, highest kills in solo squads is 26 and I average around 15 kills per game), hes a gamer somehow, requesting that they leave mid-game can cause pressure, really helps me out when im having bad days, Im glab to help ya Giselle Wright sweats ruined the game ­ Lachell green I dont need to wish cause I already cam I love this song so much that I want to be in it a nd meet fortnite if I get money I will give some to whoever wants some and needs some to buy food and pay there bills VanillaHead05 bet ur doodooo there not his clips Same i was the 100th to watch the vid Is it weird i know all the lyrics after 3 years Fabvl is my favorite for sure, hes not you just salty you cant sing as good as fabvl he the best PlayStation Gamer 111 Yeah i think too but i think H2O sing better Jayden donnelly they are talking about him just being the bush Jayden donnelly well, especially when the game creators make changes to it, we sat in a row at the back of the class and all watched fortnite on our phones and joked about how we would play like him when we got home, and I play the game just because of my friends that still play it, how dare those fortnite players play their best, but now people are mad, everybody is just building and building, so thank you very much for those memories NerdOut.

We missing the old fortnite!!!!!!!!?

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