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Hard to believe its almost been 4 years. XD Hishinator when I come in second I spike my controller Teathloac M. Ah yes the good old days where only other players and fall damage could kill you Fortnite used to be chill and fun. Fernando guerrero then do people freak when they kill fortnite I would be more curious to see what its like when you realize you play against and try to survive. Another thing that you have to learn is understanding the map.

didnt realise how good old fort was better than now Me struggling to get 3 kills at all: Ninga casually getting 32 kills in solo squads: Dammmnnn watching a grey pump doing 220 headshots is nostalgic and satisfying af Ah the good times when there werent so many tryhards I came back just to get that sense of nostalgia from the old fortnite days I miss the good old days in fn i watch in germany every night the stream :( I remember when I skipped school just to play season 3 and season 6 man those were some great times: I miss the old sounds of the big pot bandages and med kits­­ 2:35 grey pump did 220 damage.

fortnite is good too you gotta admit Breyton the skeleton delirious all the way Here boi delirious is best so sad that he only got a small line THE DELIRIOUS ARMY IS HERE!!!!!!┬!!!!!!!­­­­­­­­­­ Dank Wizard65 right here H2O Delirious is a legend Admit it This wasnt recommended You searched this up I remember this song I forgot is 2 years ago only ogs can like Rip old map ­­ every like might bring back old memories Hello ­ are you hyped for season 6 Literally in the mood to look up old Fortnite nostalgia and cry a river rn so yup Mr.

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