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Im just so tired of people complaining about people using a key feature of the game and over exaggerate how much we do it when they could easily just make a new acount to play with noobs Yeah! Elijah Rodbaugh yeah i can assure you the 34 of the fortnite community that doesnt bash pubg isnt toxic, and everybody sucked, like if u agree NerdOut. I had like 1 solo win and like 3 squad wins which were all solo squads.

fortnite hyper hes got a funny impression NerdOut. Also this song is really cool. I use to know all the words Nil but very true I just remember the good ol days Lets be honest this comment wasnt orignal Its been so long I forget the words back in the good days of fortnite Nah i searched nerd out then this came up when i was looking for the genji rap My name is also gavin.

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