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Fortnite was the best game ever April 30. now chap 2 sucks Im not Im just sing this song on repeat Uninstall the game cuz honestly ur trash kid gold old times G U C C I YT Who is the best Fortnite player fortnite open she she Meeeeee dude i quit the game in s9 this brings back good memories Me. If you can find spider-mans webslingers somewhere they are good for mobility too.

Fortnite has way to much competition making it a unenjoyable game. coming from only playing Battlefield in the past, like 2mins ago It went shit after season 4 chapter 1 It always fun but you dont know the new things At least they made us simp for baby yoda c2 s3 was bad season was the most fun tbh i left the game for like a year Its still fun but filled with sweats and aimbot IO guards Bad seasons: 9,10, great story line, Im hearing it every minute I want I hearing this song when im gaming and i game almost all time­­ RoxasPlaysPiano yes you do so do i lol See a therapist Ill meet you in the waiting room as a patient cuz I also have a problem watched this at least 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

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