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Yeah thats what he said when his wife died and he cheated on her LMFAO EVERYONE BEATING THIS MAN UP ­­­­ These nine year olds saying its only a game dont understand lol Ahem you meant like 2 people Lollllllllllllllllllllll Not only talking about the guys at the world cup but also the streamers that won thousands of dollars of the game Kid who says this comment: started chapter 2 season 4 How dare u say its just a game u most not understand Homie why did you take it so serious­Ôá someone has been kicked out before Whatever you said was cringe ­, greasy grove and more It also had some fun collaborations like thanos and the world cup I remember always landing moisty mire or risky reels and I will always play 50vs50 Honestly season 4 was amazing Theres more people playing fortnite now than last year theres still more people playing fortnite than most other games HI IM JAKE prob because of Travis Scott I miss those days too but the new season 5 is not very The thing that made me click was Nerd.

25 speed you wont regret ;) If you remember when this came out this was OG NOT EVEN BUGHA KNOW ABOUT THIS IDontKnow not enough times that by 2 and you should have a proper estimate Notorious Poppa oh, I miss the old days ­ We had no idea how good we had it back then.

I wonder what would happen if he played console I miss the old fortnite honestly, and considering the amount of adults that play thats another reason why its not a kids game, Im waiting for ya everyday.

Season 3 chapter 1, it made my day 11 replay ­ Trent Hoffman ur probably a default thinking the games good Im quitting soon theyve ruined it Same I remember being so exited to get on every day in season 1,2 and 3 and now I only get on because I just want to play with my friends I miss everything but I like the new guns My favorite is fortnite and delirous Slept x i agree with you my friend this is my opinion too btw Slept x dude ikr h20 delirious is the fucking bomb Wolfzode website sorry dude but delirious was I used to believe that fortnite and h20 was actully in this ;-; I would literally anything to go back If you remember this.

3:26 fortnite your the whole reason why double pumps were patched lol Fireeeeeeee­­­­­­­­­­­­­ some skills there my friends Daequan shoulda been in here he is a big name in the community Best song ever fortnite got to get it all night Marcus Smith WhAt Do U MEaN it is toxic Fire_DRAGON sorry i meant the fortnite community isnt toxic Zomb1eXpert21 yeah but the only way to get better at the game is to play it Alsign has no surname yeah I know.

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