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Saikyk you guys gotta calm down Saikyk I think what the guy was trying to say in the first place is that old fortnite was a lot better when everyone didnt know how to build or sweat there asses off and also the gun icons were a lot better the old graphics too. I get nostalgia from it but you might not. I remember that feeling. I make money from playing fortnite. It lost its old touch­ Ikr, used to be a great game Ive randomly stumbled upon this almost 4 years later and I completely forgot about it until now, is one of the best years of my life, that are customizable still look cool tho and will probably get one, which is part of the reason they needed to add A, maybe once every two months, just ruins the game tbh The only reason im hear cuz my friend Nathan sang this and he died Dude you can still do sky base I did one and no one shot me I am in pc servers fortnite verse will always go hard ­ Its been years since Ive last listened to this, You will always be in our hearts I just came here to remember the good old times and imagine that Im still in season 3 or something Its November and I want the OG Fortnite feeling back I remember this time before everybody didnt play competitive I dont know why this website makes me nostalgic When fortnite was still fun, all the good old memories from this amazing game.

fortnite: Gets a 360 no scope with a hunters rifle from 200 metres away Nice. Im stupid, no its not, lots of ppl are.

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