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3 years on a game is a long time The game is garbage now and there is no way to get the old fortnite back That was me at summer camp, but still. The pump was straight up a sniper back then 16:49 He really tooks his Head down like the Game is real­­ Every comment you have made recently have been negative.

Halo is a team game so im not gonna sit here and compare accolades bro, but building is smoother now Life was still complicated AF back then. :] H2ODelirious voting for u(even tho its been 3 monthXD)luv ur vids wish i could play with you because i also have xbox:) H2ODelirious you watch this guy his cool H2ODelirious OH NO PLEASE DONT KILL ME Pls do a face reveal we wont laugh we want to se how u look like I actually killed you one time, but I stopped playing 2 years ago due to epic changing everything and making the game terrible, I thought I was the only one who likes his voice And the sub machine gun Edit: not tactical regular Only 90s kids will remember when dusty and salty werent even named locations Jose Gonzalez Only 90s kids will remember when you could carry 5 big shields Thought that was I 80s kids kinda thing Battle royal didnt come out in the 90s Shane Moulton no ones the best at the game, if your not already NerdOut.

im still watching my twitch clips from the past­ I remember when this was released almost 4 years ago I would always rap it with my friends in primary school, the graphics just gives me so much memories Im crying from the memories ­ I wish I can go back and live this time again.

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