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25x Michal Gicela No sorry i dont have a mom so your roast is invalid Michal Gicela she died of cancer after i was born and still Learn english and learn how to roast someone Yea this is what I said but this random said stop Uh Anthony people are allowed to have opinions I like how I was talking about the first guy he said he was the Ôking of dustyÔ Bob Jenkins fabvl was the chorus, you on the ground crying.

I miss the old times so bad! That did not sound like h2o NerdOut. No one likes the state of the game yet they wont bro g us back to what we enjoyed b Yo hablo espa├ol y no entiendo nada de lo que dise├├ el fortnite pero lolitofedz es mejor y habla espa├ol xdxd Julio Marinho lo mejor es que ninguno se va a ofender porque no tienen ni puta idea de Espa├ol Atlai Corado like si crees que es el xQc de Fortnite xD Screech- 99 xQc es mi diosito y yo le rezo cada noche :v Lolito no es mejor que fortnite soy espa├ol tambi├n pero mira este tipo 32 bajas lolito no se hace 32 Julio Marinho Lolito no tiene ni la mitad de skill de fortnite Atlai Corado tambien soy del barca visca Cocacolo 06 adi├s los periquitos adi├s se fueron ya­­­­­­­­­­ Atlai Corado To Soy Espa├ol i lo veo SergioGaming739 pero no tiene un perro :v Sergio E yo si y sin embargo soy un gringo Julio Marinho fortnite es mejor no hay dudas Check my website ans tell me what i can do for getting better and more quality Lolito lo destroza a este, their a sweat.

they got this season and next season left, he had a grey pump and did a 220 headshot nowadays that would be like max 120 fortnite: gets 32 kills 3 years later Fresh: gets 50 kills in his thanos website, and navigate its setting page, challenges and ovsrtime Season 4 was one of fortnites best seasons OGSI ISMAIL fully agree except season 7 i didnt like it too much Season 7 give me battle pass so You should respect it, mais gros y a rien a dire fortnite cest LE meilleur joueur mondial!

Whos here after 3 years or more just to get og vibes­ PLSSS GIVE THE TILTED TOWERS BACK!­­­­ 7 months later 35 mil views­Ę­­­ I miss the old days the purple shotie ­ 16:49 He ducks irl when he almost got shot Back when fortnite was the best fortnite player I miss this fortnite so much­­Ô´Ş Prime fortnite (chapter 1) is prolly the best game of all time When you die and you feel like you couldve done better ­ He is still one of the best players but there will always be someone that ie better than you.

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