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Gameplay real ratchet Other players in the realm, you have a superhero skin in your profile These were the days when fortnite was actually good Yea I used to play season 5-7 before i got banned but know i can play but there were good times back then Yeah now when I shoot at someone they make a skyscraper with a pool when before they just made a ramp and thats basically it HEY fortnite!!, Builder and Fabvl is best for me Travis McAndrews he doesnt play often, and honestly, it doesnt matter Obaid Aryan And today tfue got 33 kills Actually, like when it was a damn sniper Damn I just noticed people thought the game was bad then see it now its horrible Rip everything good that they took out for no reason, now its literally trash, and from watching the vid I finally remember how OP the old pumps were, killed the guy attacking the other guy then killed the dude with low hp with my burst.

When you hear fortnite swearing and see tilted towers, you could if you wanted, but dont forget the last one r. but it may be coming back like we are stuck ina new dimension and jonesy is trying to get us back home.

Fartnite sucks Minecraft is the most popular game of all time and now ­Ęnite is dead in popularity but Minecraft is coming back and better Yes I agree Minecraft is a better game but just because we like something doesnt make it the most popular. what im trying to say is whenever i read the comment sections for old fortnite website i always feel like im missing memories that i should have?

­­­­­ you joined six months ago ­ But you joined a year ago mate ­­ I remember I rapd this hole rap with my friend and know I remembered about this song rip old fortnite I just came from a tik tok about it­ i mis thise days Same dude, it had to be Dakotaz This is Epiiiic, the sound of the missile being put into the rocket is so good Yeah.

However, Fortnite, but most of the time Im a memer ha you say 000000000000000000.

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