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I really miss pump snipers, its not close JackTheGreat, 220 with the grey pump SHEEEESHHH The ggooddd oggggg days Im gonna cry no cap Is it just me but in old fortnite the chest sound different everything sound different and the grey pump does 220 old times Anyone down to play fortnite after school miss them days Bro u remeber that feeling when u get a scar Remember when Grey pumps took 181 to the Head Who else looked at his home page and searched up his most popular vid, time flies like crazy, thank you Fortnite Deliriouss part just hits different after all thats happened I know, that system had the best original games.

I still remember when this song came out Imagine being one of the people who got eliminated for this Dam when this came out life was perfect nothing could get u down I still remember every single verse. Im just noob at fortnite Fausto Poli you just made my day I was laughing so hard Pffffff. Wasnt intended to sound rude. best g(old) times. Capricous Star I have no idea who she is but halocene was pretty smooth too Jvimmez Pr the game is no longer fun because they always make things worse after each season and the players are now much better than in season 1 2 or 3 Alican Oyman every season up until season X was solid, not for the streamer because of the game ;( I fr thought every time he downed someone he was going to shake them down omg Omg the 220 with the old pump brings back memories Gray pump doing 220 damage 2:36, next month I turn 17, we were just having fun, or give admittance to different stages they use where individual data can be found, like bruh after a month of nothing new youll get bored and quit, I hope old fortnite coms back Fortnite made fortnite and fortnite made fortnite I miss these times i played controller and im so good but i feel like they have ruined everything.

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