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I only play 2k20. I am btw but the game and its fanbase really fell off As someone who doesnt even play fortnite, i was like what have they done to this beautiful game ,never played it again since then People get better at games stop crying Ay aint our fault that everyone sweat on the game now a days Fortnite is still awesome to me guys! Dis shit was lit especially h2O delirious part CDAthe3rd and FABVL was the best but H2O delerious was really funny H20 delirious laugh at the of his part I love him SO PROUD OF ANGELMELLY When I saw this I was like hold up Delirious no way You know that I am the king of dusty R.

On the top right section of the page, and appear out of nowhere when the last man standing is not expecting it, because I am very good at cod but I still play it because the community is fun. I actually like both games. Es bueno, just wager me because youre trash The memories boys when we used to remember the lyrics by Heart and sing it at school with ur friends Who else randomly remembered this and came here Bro Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless 2 years ago : Shooting from a sky base : Shooting from a sky base DIES FROM FALL DAMAGE Looks like somebody is butt hurt lol Arsalan ali u know its him with that laugh My friend would rap that line every day Ayden Gaumer yeah but now its better Ayden Gaumer no because its still dusty now is dusty divot Dusty means divot too.

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